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Design Purpose

What is the purpose of your website? This is not meant to be a silly trick question.

We are long past the age of a local business having a website for an “online business card” or just¬†“showing people our services”…

The main purpose of your website better be focused on getting more people through your doors! You want them visiting your website and picking up the phone to call you and make more sales increasing your bottom line. Simple as that… Or so it sounds. Lets take the time to go over vital reasons and criteria your website should be molded around.

Custom Development

We conduct one-on-one communication with our clients to learn about your company’s story and how it should be displayed online. We bring the entire design to life with top functioning layouts you will love.

No outsourcing. All work is preformed in house by our team. Most Web Design and SEO agencies out source their development and links overseas to people in India or the Philippines… The result is the agencies making huge profits for little to no work. We do not believe in practices along those lines. Every graphic and word will be strategically placed on your website by our talented group. We preform updates, make recommendations and whatever else our clients need to be the best online.

Conversion Focused

The design layout of any website needs to be spot on in regards to the specified field of work. We only recommend themes proven for high conversions… which is the basic purpose of your website! Our strategic design will vary and is completely customized to you depending if your a lawyer, dentist, roofer, restaurant, etc.

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SEO Optimized

Sure, having a website is great… But what good is a website if nobody can see it on the search engines? In any given market or niche there stands thousands of websites just like yours. You do NOT want to be like one of them burred on the 10th page of google! You want to stand out and become visible at the top of all search engines.

We understand what it takes for a website to be properly optimized to ensure the search engines crawl the site the way we want it to. This requires enormous attention to detail regarding the optimization of on page keyword density, optimizing images tags, titles, URL structure and more. All these parts are the corner stones to rocketing your site to the vary top. If the site is build without SEO in mind, (just a regular web designer) you can kiss any idea of ranking behind.

Simplicity is Key

No clutter, pop ups, or confusing navigation. Your website should directly reflect the image the physical company displays. If your website looks disorganized and confusing what do you think that customer will think of your store or services? We want to help bring a simple but effective element to your website so the navigation is crystal clear. This means your website is available on mobile, desktop and tablet devices while maintaining the clean and professional image.

Our Job here at St. Cloud SEO is to build and maintain a website that:

1. exceeds client expectations

2. you are comfortable with

3. will answer any customer questions in order for them to take desired action

4. bring in new customers

5. inspire customers to use your online presence to pick up the phone, order online and eventually walk through your doors

If you are ready to get started call (320) 266 2242 , email , or fill out our contact form!

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